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Yuma Asami~The Alice Pink!!

Lahir di Gunma prefecture pada March 24, 1987 dan memulia debutnya pada October 2005 saat masih berusia 18th...ckckck...

Yuma Asami, salah satu AV Idols yg punya koleksi video ga' terhitung banyaknya. Coba aja cek list di bawah ini;

2005-10-29 Innocent Hard-Core
2005-11-07 New Face Risky Mosaic
2005-11-25 Emotional Hard Core
2005-12-19 Yuma's Sex Will Be Shown Thoroughly
2005-12-30 Mejiri

2006-01-07 Moist Concentrate Sex
2006-01-27 The Contrary Soap Heaven
2006-02-07 Six Costumes Pakopako!
2006-02-24 Riding a Face
2006-03-07 Sex on the Beach, Southern Island Pakopako!
2006-03-24 Uniform Doll
2006-04-07 The Big Tits Nursery Just for Me
2006-04-21 Rabupara Yuma Asami
2006-04-28 Self Portrait #6
2006-05-07 Let's Have Sex in School
2006-05-26 Fetish Yuma
2006-06-07 Super Titty-Fucking 3
2006-06-25 Naked Venus Yuma Asami
2006-06-25 Ratai Yuma Asami
2006-06-30 Abnormal Exercise
2006-07-07 SPakopako Newlywed Life With Yuma
2006-07-28 Obscene Model
2006-08-07 Climax! Too Much Coming Squirting Fuck
2006-08-07 Hyper – Barely There Mosaic
2006-08-31 Yuma Asami's Tits Talk
2006-09-07 My Only Yuma
2006-09-13 Kireina Sex
2006-09-29 Watch Me Do It!
2006-10-19 Delusional Special Bath
2006-10-20 Yuma Asami - The Best
2006-10-25 Yoen Kunoichi Den Tsubame Hen
2006-10-27 Yuma Asami 1st Anniversary
2006-11-07 Hyper-Risky Mosaic
2006-11-30 Let's Play Doctor
2006-12-07 Pakopako Via Swimsuit
2006-12-28 Fuck & Roll

2007-01-07 BakoBako Gangbang 21
2007-01-19 Yuma Asami Collection 1
2007-01-26 Sex is My Specialty!
2007-02-07 Violent Piston 7
2007-02-23 Rodeo Fuck
2007-03-23 Greatest Tits: Yuma Asami
2007-03-07 Living With Yuma and Honoka
2007-03-08 Premium Honey Yuma Asami
2007-04-07 Endless Climax! Ultra Ecstasy Fuck
2007-04-27 My Favorite Forced-Sex
2007-05-03 Hyper Risky Mosaic - Special Bath House Tsubaki
2007-05-07 Screaming! Big Magnum Fuck
2007-05-25 Dear Yuma Will Teach You
2007-05-29 Juicy Honey
2007-06-07 Hyper Risky Mosaic MV
2007-06-15 The Real Yuma Asami Fuckin' Live
2007-06-29 Alice Pink File
2007-07-07 20 Costumes Pakopako!
2007-07-13 Shouting! Shuddering! Cumming!
2007-08-07 First Rate Body Fuck
2007-08-17 A Lecherous Woman
2007-09-06 Premium Honey Yuma Asami Second Impact
2007-09-07 Shiofuki Hyper Risky Mosaic
2007-09-14 My Putty-Like Pet
2007-10-07 6 Sex Service Shops PakoPako
2007-10-12 Amateur Actor Audition
2007-11-07 My Girlfriend
2007-11-09 Ero (B)Ero - Deep Kiss, Body Lip & Fellatio
2007-12-07 Massive Ejaculation On Her Face
2007-12-07 Special Bath House Tsubaki 8 Hours
2007-12-14 Beautiful Woman Becomes Good At Full Body Hand Oil Massage

2008-01-07 Yuma is Your Obedient Toy
ONED-904 Hideto Aki
2008-01-11 Patience
2008-01-25 X Jikan (Ecstasy) 1 Yuma Asami
2008-02-07 Non Stop Incontinence
2008-02-08 Admired Swimming Instructor
2008-03-07 Incest
2008-03-14 Chance Encounter 4 Seconds Union
2008-04-11 Sex Linked Together
2008-04-19 Yuma and Minori
2008-05-07 My Only Yuma Asami
2008-05-09 Number One Idol Yuma Asami Produce Real Virgins
2008-06-13 Hypnotic Pleasure
2008-06-19 Deep Throat
2008-06-25 X Jikan (Ecstasy) 12 Yuma Asami
2008-07-11 Yuma Asami and 100 Onanists
2008-08-08 AV Actress Audition - Yuma Asami
2008-08-19 Repeated Death, Grand Orgasm
2008-09-12 The Younger Boys
2008-09-19 Nasty Kiss and Sex
2008-10-03 Yojo Densetsu Seiren X - Masho no Yuwaku
2008-10-10 Let Us Have a Calisthenic Sex
2008-10-19 First Gokkun and Sex
2008-11-14 The Penises Training Camp
2008-11-22 Double Risky Mosaic, Rio & Yuma
2008-12-12 Station Plaza Kiss Date
2008-12-19 Harder, Fuck Me Harder

2009-01-07 Maison Tsubaki
2009-01-09 Endless Cleaning Fellatio
2009-01-19 The Raped Female Teacher
2009-02-13 Yuma Asami is Dispatched to Your House
2009-02-19 Bodily Fluids Mingling, Rich Fuck
2009-03-13 Rubber Cosplay Alice Japan
2009-03-19 Mother and Daughter, Raped Wedding Dress
2009-04-19 The Ultimate Golden Ratio Body
2009-04-24 Yuma Asami Suddenly Appears in Front of You
2009-05-19 Obscene Molester
2009-05-22 Endless TitFuck
2009-06-19 Yuma Asami x Yuma Asami - Miracle Twin Sisters
2009-06-19 Maison S1 Hotel Annex, Come For Shiofuki And Orgies
2009-06-26 Yuma Asami in Erected Penis Exhibition
2009-07-07 Raped in Front of Husband - 4 Hours
2009-07-19 Seductive Care of a Squirting Nurse
2009-07-24 My Big Sister Is Naked and Needs it Bad
2009-08-19 Up Till The Last Drop
2009-08-28 Yuma Asami's High Class Soap Land
2009-10-01 (Blu-ray) Nasty Office Lady (OL) Story
9SOE-280 (Blu-ray) Hara Ichigo
2009-09-25 Sperm Bank Department
2009-11-01 (Blu-ray) No. 1 Body Conscious Style
2009-10-19 Another Nasty Office Lady (OL) Story
2009-10-23 Sex That Does Not End Until There Are 10 Ejaculations
2009-12-01 (Blu-ray) I Want Your Gorgeous Hip
2009-11-27 Naughty During a Telephone Call
2009-12-19 Penis Addict Mama
2009-12-25 Asami Yuma Manages Your Ejaculation

2010-02-01 (Blu-ray) S1 TV Broadcasting Station
2010-01-19 Please Ejaculate in My Body
2010-01-22 All Members Pervert Bus
2010-03-01 (Blu-ray) Rape The Female Teacher, Cant Escape The Indignity
2010-02-26 Please Grade My Kiss
2010-03-19 Hardcore Swordswoman
2010-03-26 The Sport Gym Woman
2010-05-01 (Blu-ray) S1 TV Erotica Entertainment
2010-04-19 Complete Obedience M Secretary
2010-04-23 Your Home Into Soap Land
2010-05-19 Insertion and Kiss in Dokimo
2010-05-28 Beautiful Bra-less Teacher
2010-09-07 (Blu-ray) Attracting The Best Stereoscopic 3D Yuma Asami Sex BODY
2010-06-25 Learn English In Bed
2010-07-19 First Experience Yuma Asami
2010-07-23 Yuma's Body Has Become My Own!
2010-08-19 Yuma Asami Suddenly Becoming Horny
2010-08-27 Precocious School Classmate
2010-09-07 Yuma Asami S1 Girls Collection 8 Hours
2010-09-19 Erotic Celebrity Insatiable Sexual Desire
2010-09-24 Yes Everyday Pillow
2010-10-19 Incest Little Sister
2010-10-22 AV Idol Photo Session
2010-11-07 Two Beautiful Slut's Kiss and Sex
9SOE-491 (Blu-ray) Hitoshi Nimura Co-starring Akiho Yoshizawa
2010-11-26 Nudist Girl Yuma Asami
2010-12-19 H-Cup Home Tutor - Teacher's Seduction
2010-12-24 Festival Woman

2011-01-19 Instant Sex! Anytime Anywhere
2011-01-28 New Bus Tour Guide Yuma Asami On A School Trip
2011-02-19 Deep Sex Hot Spring Yukata Girl

Sayangnya, saya ga' berhasil dapet semua linknya, jadi cuma share gambar²nya...hehehe

Selain itu, Asami juga muncul di serial drama Shimokita GLORY DAYS (下北GLORY DAYS) bersama Sora Aoi dan Honoka. Asami juga mempunyai sebuah album J Pop;
Resolution yg rilis January 2008.