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AKB48 -38th Single- Kibouteki Refrain [CD+DVD] [2014.11.26]


Single.20 tracks. 26 November 2014

More info: AKB48 - Kibouteki Refrain

1. Kibouteki Refrain [Senbatsu]
2. Kibouteki Refrain [Live vers]
3A. Ima, Happy [Baragumi]
3B. Ambulance [Yurigumi]
3C. Utaitai [Katareagumi]
3D. Seifuku no Hane [Team 8]
4A. AKB48 Group Bottom Janken Taikai 2014 Weakest Queen Match Part 1
4B. AKB48 Group Bottom Janken Taikai 2014 Weakest Queen Match Part 2
4C. Team 8 F-i-r-s-t Heart-Pounding One-Shot Lip Collection!
4D. Kaze no Rasen [Kojizaka46]

01. Kibouteki Refrain (希望的リフレイン) / Senbatsu
02A. Ima, Happy (今, Happy) / Baragumi
02B. Ambulance / Yurigumi
02C. Utaitai (歌いたい) / Katareagumi
02D. Seifuku no Hane (制服の羽) / Team 8
03A. Juujun na Slave (従順なSlave) / Team A
03B. Hajimete no Drive (初めてのドライブ) / Team K
03C. Loneliness Club (ロンリネスクラブ) / Team B
03D. Me wo Akete Mama no First Kiss (目を開けたままのファーストキス) / Team 4
04D. Kaze no Rasen (風の螺旋) / Kojizaka46

Kibouteki Refrain (off-vocal)
(Type-A Exclusive track) Ima, Happy (off-vocal)
(Type-A Exclusive track) Juujun na Slave (off-vocal)
(Type-B Exclusive track) Ambulance (off-vocal)
(Type-B Exclusive track) Hajimete no Drive (off-vocal)
(Type-C Exclusive track) Utaitai (off-vocal)
(Type-C Exclusive track) Loneliness Club (off-vocal)
(Type-D Exclusive track) Seifuku no Hane (off-vocal)
(Type-D Exclusive track) Me wo Akete Mama no First Kiss (off-vocal)
(Type-D Exclusive track) Kaze no Rasen (off-vocal)

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