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The Descriptions of the Nine Unique Girls (110805)

Gara² ngerayain ultah mereka yg ke 4, SNSD dapet banyak banget sambutan di Official Fanpage mereka. Tapi yg menarik perhatian saya adalah ini :

The Descriptions of the Nine Unique Girls by

Kim Taeyeon, the “Appa” of Girls’ Generation. Forever the best leader in the whole universe. Protector of Tiffany Hwang.

Jessica Jung, the decider for every Girls’ Generation debates, most fashionable airport member.

Sunny Lee, the caretaker and protector for Girls’ Generation. Aegyo’s still bearable for me.

Tiffany Hwang, the “Umma” of Girls’ Generation. The perfect angel that walks among us on Earth.

Kim Hyoyeon, the mood maker of Girls’ Generation. Even the ice princess is taken by her humor and carefree image.

Kwon Yuri, the eldest “son” and prankster of Girls’ Generation. Sexy but extremely dorky, in a very very good way.

Choi Sooyoung, the official spokesperson of Girls’ Generation. Her angel heart is as big as her appetite for food. Shikshin!

Im Yoona, the 2nd son of Girls Generation. Flawless on the inside and outside. Heart as big as her alligator mouth.

Seo Juhyun, the maknae and fave child of Girls’ Generation. There’s nothing she can’t do. Determination is her motto.

hahaaha..bisa² nya...
utk mengulang dari amna mereka mulai, mari kita liat lagi lagu Into The New World, yg sampai sekarang tetep masih enak di dengar, lagian dari lagu ini juga, SNSD bisa jadi kaya' yg sekarang...