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Chrissie Chau ~ Les Vacances d’Amour

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Chrissie Chau’s latest appearance in Weekly Playboy March 2011 does her no justice. She usually looks at least a million times hotter than this…

Chrissie Chau’s hotness can steam up glass as you’ll see in this FHM set below.

I had stumbled upon these Chrissie Chau photos after seeing someone’s forum signature. Chrissie definitely has the body for promoting lingerie, as you’ll see in these Fashionwalker photos. These would have been better if they didn’t go overboard with the colour and photoshop.

Photos found thanks to daigong

Chrissie Chau’s photobook Les Vacances d’Amour is full of tasty treats for you to enjoy. This photobook is a nice mix of cute and sexy photos with some nice glasses action too.

“This lamp is delicious!!!”

Chrissie Chau has released a video called Les Vacances d’Amour, with a rather delicious photo (although if you watch the video, I don’t think her chest is thaaaat big).

You can find a preview and the complete video over at Shaggy’s Chrissie Chau post on Jappydolls. The preview looks like there is a lot of potential…and what’s even better is that I actually understand what she’s saying instead of the usual Japanese or Korean video.

Poor Shaggy needs to defend posting Chinese content on JappyDolls, even though there have been lots of non-Japanese posts on that site :)

Of course it would be “The Holiday of Love” if you were with Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau is ready to knock you out in the July 2010 edition of GQ.

Chrissie Chau sure looks hot in motion, as you’ll see in this FHM Taiwan video below. She would be good motivation for me topick up an issue of FHM Taiwan at a local Chinese bookstore :)

FHM Taiwan also has a 100 Sexiest Women in the world poll (I think it’s still going on), I wonder how that will turn out…

Download : Eyescream Fiesta
Part 1
Part 2