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Yeeei... finally, though slowly, we can re-activate this blog. There are some files that may be updated, but there is also a new file. Which obviously we will try as much as possible to keep updating. Thank you for your support over the years...

But i'll try to re-upload again some files that have comments & request.

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Benyamin S - Kompilasi

Preview and Information

Benyamin S - Abang Pulang.mp3 (1.6MB)
Benyamin S - Badminton.mp3 (3.2MB)
Benyamin S - Begini Begitu.mp3 (1.9MB)
Benyamin S - Dipatil Ikan Sembilang.mp3 (1.7MB)
Benyamin S - Disini Aje-timbel.mp3 (3.7MB)
Benyamin S - Gua Ngga Ngerti.mp3 (3.0MB)
Benyamin S - Hujan Gerimis.mp3 (2.0MB)
Benyamin S - Item Manis.mp3 (2.4MB)
Benyamin S - Kecil Kecil Kunyit.mp3 (1.8MB)
Benyamin S - Kilik Kuping.mp3 (1.9MB)
Benyamin S - Kompor Meleduk.mp3 (3.3MB)
Benyamin S - Lakinya Lagi Ngidam.mp3 (2.1MB)
Benyamin S - Lampu Merah 2.mp3 (2.3MB)
Benyamin S - Minta Duit ft. Ida Royani.mp3 (2.0MB)
Benyamin S - Ondel-ondel.mp3 (2.3MB)
Benyamin S - Pendaringan.mp3 (2.4MB)
Benyamin S - Penganten.mp3 (2.1MB)
Benyamin S - Pensiun Jagoan.mp3 (3.6MB)
Benyamin S - Perkutut.mp3 (2.7MB)
Benyamin S - Sang Bango.mp3 (3.0MB)
Benyamin S - Steambath.mp3 (1.4MB)
Benyamin S - Superman.mp3 (2.2MB)
Benyamin S - Tukang Kue.mp3 (3.7MB)
Benyamin S - Yang Paling Enak.mp3 (2.2MB)