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French Kiss - trio from AKB48

French Kiss
French Kiss (フレンチ・キス) is a Japanese pop trio unit from AKB48.
- Kashiwagi Yuki (柏木由紀)
- Takajo Aki (高城亜樹)
- Kuramochi Asuka (倉持明日香)
On June 28th, 2010, during Team B's 5th Stage "Theater no Megami", French Kiss was announced as the newest unit of AKB48. The group will debut with the single "Zutto Mae Kara", which will be used as an ending theme for the sixth season of the anime MAJOR.
Discography :
Kakko Warui I Love you!
single · 11 May, 2011 · 2 tracks
1.Kakko Warui I Love you!
2.Kimi Nara Daijoubu

single · 19 January, 2011 · 4 tracks
2.Chinmoku (沈黙)
3.Mae o mukai teru kimi (前を向いてる君)
4.Kuchiutsushi no chokorēto (口移しのチョコレート)

Zutto Mae Kara
single · 9 August, 2010 · 3 tracks
1.Zutto Mae Kara (ずっと 前から)
2.Yoru-fū no shiwaza (夜風の仕業 )
3.Te mo demo no namida (てもでもの涙)

kimi nara daijoubu by Bored4Lyfe

More info :
French Kiss wants to warm you up in “Weekly Playboy”
AKB48’s new sub-unit French Kiss is featured in the latest edition of the weekly idol magazine “Weekly Playboy“.
The pictorial has a black and white concept that combines cute and sexy elements. It starts off with a quote saying, “you warm up when being in a room together”, which is a huge understatement looking at the three playful girls. There is no doubt they would be able to heat up your whole room for the whole winter, regardless of the temperatures outside.
You can check out the pictures below and answer the question on the last – “Did you warm up?”