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KBS Drama Specials (2011)

    KBS Drama Specials (2011)
  • Title : KBS Drama Specials (2011)
  • Summary:

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    Ini adalah drama² pendek dari KBS. Hampir semuanya memiliki kisah yg bagus² (pdhl saya blum nonton semua, cuma liat trailernya aja...hehehe). Anyway, drama² ini layak dikoleksi. Reviewnya copast dari tempat lain, krn saya ga sempat nulis yg panjang²...hahahaha

  • Episode 01: Red Candy 빨강사탕

    Jae-Bak (Lee Jae-Ryong) is a 40′ish man who has become burned out by work and his family. He works as a sales manager for a publishing company. The highlight of Jae-Baek’s day is now when he steals a glance at beautiful young Yu-Hee (Park Si-Yeon) every morning as she stands waiting for the subway, while sucking a red lollipop. For the next 100 days, Jae-Baek watches Yu-Hee and then finally meets Yu-Hee. At a bookstore, Jae-Baek meets Yu-Hee. Jae-Baek follows Yu-Hee to her home. Download

  • Episode 02: The Scary One, The Ghost and I 무서운 놈과 귀신과 나

    A comedic story of a gangster who hires the services of a detective agency to get rid of the ghost of a female student. Kang Doo Sub is a legendary gangster boss whose ugly face alone is enough to frighten off opponents. When a female ghost begins following his gang, however, he is forced to go to desperate measures to get rid of her and avoid becoming a laughing stock. Download

  • Episode 03: Hot Coffee 끝내주는 커피

    Oh Jong is a single mother of three children with no particular skills or education, but her talent for brewing coffee, bright personality and willingness to listen makes her a popular worker at Ji Suk’s coffee shop. Choi Chang, bitter with frustration with his work and life despite being a successful barista, finds himself frequenting the shop and opening up to Oh Jong’s warmth, discovering a love as exciting and flavoured as the coffee she serves. Download

  • Episode 04: Our Slightly Risque Relationship 조금 야한 우리 연애

    Dong Chan is a prickly broadcasting director at MBS who meets and immediately clashes with Nam Hee, a reporter he meets at a wedding reception. Through their constant bickering, they end up falling in love despite their initial dislike of each other. His passiveness in love results in a comedic struggle as the two tries to deal with their physical attraction. Download

  • Episode 05: Ajumma Next Door 옆집 아줌마

    Mi Joo, despite her ordinary girl-next-door appeal, is a woman carrying a painful past; she was beaten by her husband constantly until she lost the will to resist, but when an opportunity miraculously offered itself, she ended up killing her husband. After spending time in prison, she moved away to start a new life and met the bachelor Byung Hoon, a hopeless insurance agent. When he begins to fall in love with her, he finds himself drawn into her dangerous secrets. The mystery surrounding the romance between Byung Hoon and the woman next door, Mi Joo, is solved through a replay of events from past to present. Download

    Episode 06 : Reason 이유

    After her husband became a vegetable as a result of a car crash, Ji Soo found little reason to live. She went through the daily motions of life in a trance-like manner, until Park Song Yi, a new caregiver, arrived. Song Yi’s contagious energy brings life to Ji Soo’s house and slowly opens her heart. Download

    Episode 07 : The Great Gye Choon Bin 위대한 계춘빈

    This is the story of Gye Choon Bin, a quirky and spunky kindergarten teacher, and Wang Ki Nam, a timid art therapist who cannot even earn enough to pay his rent. Ki Nam’s developing relationship with Gye Choon Bin helps him overcome his fear of the dark and fall in love. Download

    Episode 08 : Secret Garden 비밀의 화원

    Yeo Jin and Gi Rim were inseparable best friends in high school, dreaming of becoming successful writers. However, cracks in their friendship began to appear with the appearance of Baek Jong Hak, who seemed to lean towards Yeo Jin. Years later, Gi Rim is still struggling to get herself published, and her financial problems are wearing her down. When she finally scores an interview with a publisher, she goes to the interview with enthusiasm, but is shocked to meet Yeo Jin and Jong Hak, the two people she did not want to see again. Their sudden meeting brings back a rush of both beautiful and unwelcome memories. Download

    Episode 09 : An Awful Lot of Coincidences 우연의 남발

    Three unemployed men made the mistake of borrowing money from an evil boss and losing it in gambling instead of using it to profit their lives. Their lives are their only remaining possessions, so they risk themselves to get money. Chaos ensues. Download

    Episode 10 : Spy Trader Kim Chul Soo’s Recent Condition 남파 트레이더 김철수씨의 근황

    Kim Chul Soo is a North Korean espionage operator who saved money for his mission by trading stocks. He frequents a coffee shop where cafe barista Lee Kyung, who harbors an unrequited love for him, works. One day, he receives a package of secretly-taken photos of himself in the mail. Who is watching him? Download

    Episode 11
    : The Angel of Death Comes with Purple High Heels 보라색 하이힐을 신고 저승사자가 온다

    The story of a struggling manhwa artist, his long-suffering partner at the publication company who has feelings for him, and a strange 19-year-old girl dressed in ridiculous costume. Download

    Episode 12 : Ari-dong Last Cowboy 아리동 라스트 카우보이

    A series of murders and kidnappings that took place 30 years ago in Aridong comes back to haunt people as the criminal begins to strike again. Real estate owner Shim Duk Soo finds one of his tenants hanged to death in his apartment, and while police dismiss it as a simple suicide, former detective Park Pyung Dal convinces him that the case is too similar to those 30 years prior to be a coincidence. The two consequently teams up to track down the killer. Download

    Episode 13: Last Flashman 마지막 후뢰시맨

    Jo Bok Nam is a sweet country girl who likes the cartoon character Flashman and learns taekwondo to be like him, making her considerably different in comparison to her mature peers. At home amongst her noisy family members, she is equally out of place; with a grandmother who has alzheimer’s, a father who stays at home all day and her older sister, Ah Ra, who is the leader of the neighborhood kids. When a medical examination at school reveals that she has a different blood type, she suspects a shocking birth secret that explains why she’s a misfit. If only she could fly far away into the universe, like Flashman! Download

    Episode 14: Summer Story 여름 이야기

    Kim Nam Il is haunted by the death of a colleague in the past, and the guilt he feels drives him away from the life in marine science that he loves so much. Lee Kyung Ah’s failures in the acting world has made her lose confidence in herself. When Nam Il and Kyung Ah meet by chance, they find comfort in each other’s presence and learn to move on from their failures and find joy through love. Download

    Episode 15: Stone 돌멩이

    Kwon Soo Baek has been teaching Chinese at school for 28 years, working diligently to support his son Jae Ho’s medical school tuition. His only wish is to impart his knowledge to students and help them graduate, but his reputation for being so nice that it approaches timidity makes it difficult. When Soo Baek’s superior, Yoon Jung Nam, is investigated for embezzling billions of the school’s operating expenses, he is called to testify and has to decide whether to remain timid or speak out. Download

    Episode 16: I’m a Butterfly 나는 나비

    Seo Yoon Hee is a woman who can sacrifice everything and do anything, however terrible and inhumane, for the sake of her son Kwon Dae Woong, even though he doesn’t know that she is his birth mother. Download

    Episode 17: Boy, Meets Girl : 소년, 소녀를 만나다

    Ji Wan is a child prodigy who was admitted to a science high school when she was 12 years old, and under her mother’s strict tutelage, her days were filled only with her studies. When Ji Wan meets an untalented man in his 40′s who had recently resigned from his job, she begins to mature and learns about life outside of her books. Download

    Episode 18: Severed Feelings 마음을 자르다

    When Sun Young’s firefighter husband was killed in an accident, he left her a widow with their young son. At the news of his death, her world and all hope she had collapsed. When she meets a man named Jae Woo who is connected to her husband’s accident, she finds herself feeling a connection to and an unknown emotion for him. Download

    Episode 19: At the End of the Opera 오페라가 끝나면

    The cold and no-nonsense Director Han feels the stirrings of love for the first time when he meets Choon Hee. However, his subordinate Joong Do happens to be her first love, and he still has feelings for her. The two men begin a battle to win her heart. Download

    Episode 20: Texas Hit 텍사스 안타

    This drama is based on the baseball theme of a ‘Texas Hit’, or unexpected good fortune. Seung Hyun is a grocery store deliveryman and computer technician who lost the money that he saved while betting, and begins to dream of hitting the jackpot. Download

    Episode 21: Family Secrets 가족의 비밀

    Yang-hee, a good daughter-in-law and a tough mother, rents out the second floor to earn some extra money. But her father-in-law, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, always giving renters a gate by annoying them so badly. Yang-hee goes crazy because of the key money that changes every moment. Her husband, who voluntarily retired, does not care about anything about the family affair and only cares about the Internet. Her son, who was released from the military duty a year ago, plays guitar everyday without making any money. The only source of their living expense comes from her first daughter; Yoon-hee is worried if her daughter can’t marry soon enough.
    As always, one of the renters announces that they will leave the house, because of the old man. Yoon-hee tries her best to keep the renters in place because of the money shortage, but all other members of the family seems like they don’t want renters in the second floor. Why are they trying to empty the second floor? What is the secret plan that they are hiding? Download

    Episode 22: Snail Boarding House 달팽이 고시원

    Bang Joon Sung is a man of uncertain income, living trapped in his room like a snail who has little idea what really happens outside of his own world. Hijinks ensues when a four-dimensional woman, Mi Ryu, gets into the male-only goshiwon where he’s staying. Download

    Episode 23: Hurry and Tell Me 어서 말을 해

    Ki Young and Young Hee have been work colleagues and best friends for nine years. Now that they have reached their early 30′s, it is time to get married, and both of them try their best to find a marriage partner. Ki Young reunites with his first love Kye Shin, but as he finds more about her past, he becomes increasingly hesitant. Goo Byung is athletic, intelligent and humorous, but bad rumours about Young Hee spreads around the office as the two get closer.Will Ki Young and Young Hee’s marriage project succeed? Download

    Episode 24: Pianist 피아니스트

    Oh Je Ro is a musical genius with an unhappy childhood who had always dreamt of learning the piano, but had to work in a piano factory instead of going to school in order to support his sick father. He had despaired of ever being given a chance to learn and thought it ironic that the name his father gave him sounded like “Oh, Zero”, until he met by chance an elementary school teacher, Yoo In Sa, and begin a delicate love story with her. Download