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The Black Mages - The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight (2008)

Preview and Information

Studio album by The Black Mages
Released: March 19, 2008
Genre: Progressive metal
Length: 60:40
Label: Dog Ear Records
Producer: Nobuo Uematsu

1.     "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" (from Final Fantasy VII – "Opening ~ Bombing Mission")     4:39
2.     "Neo EXDEATH" (from Final Fantasy V – "The Final Battle")     4:39
3.     "The Extreme" (from Final Fantasy VIII – "The Extreme")     5:51
4.     "Assault of the Silver Dragons" (from Final Fantasy IX – "Assault of the Silver Dragons")     5:01
5.     "KURAYAMINOKUMO" (from Final Fantasy III – "This is The Last Battle")     4:56
6.     "Distant Worlds" (from Final Fantasy XI – "Distant Worlds")     7:32
7.     "Premonition" (from Final Fantasy VIII – "Premonition")     5:23
8.     "Grand Cross" (from Final Fantasy IX – "The Final Battle")     5:34
9.     "Darkness and Starlight" (from Final Fantasy VI – "Overture", "Aria di Mezzo Carattere", "Wedding Waltz~Duel")     15:32
10.     "Life ~ in memory of KEITEN ~" (original track)     1:38