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The Blue Hearts - The blue Hearts (1987)

Preview and Information

Released: May 21, 1987
Recorded: Music Inn Yamanakako Studio Sound Inn
Genre: Punk rock
Length: 33:59
Language: Japanese
Label: Meldac Records
Producer: The Blue Hearts

1.     "Mirai wa Bokura no Te no Naka
(未来は僕等の手の中 The Future is in Our Hands)"       2:25
2.     "Owaranai Uta
(終わらない歌 An Endless Song)"       3:04
3.     "No No No
(NO NO NO)"       2:26
4.     "Punk Rock
(パンク・ロック Panku Rokku)"       3:41
5.     "Machi
(街 Town)"       3:18
6.     "Shōnen no Uta"
(少年の詩 A Boy's Poem)"       2:41
7.     "Bakudan ga Okkochiru Toki
(爆弾が落っこちる時 When the Bombs Fall)"       2:06
8.     "Sekai no Mannaka
(世界のまん中 Middle of the World)"       2:20
9.     "Hadaka no Ō-sama
(裸の王様 The Naked Emperor)"       2:50
10.     "Dance Number
(ダンス・ナンバー Dansu Nanbaa)"       1:28
11.     "Kimi no Tame
(君のため For You)"       4:18
12.     "Linda Linda
(リンダリンダ)"       3:22